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Cheer and Drill Team Tryouts are COMING!

30 Dec

Our Bay Area Cheer and Dance gym will help you prepare for your upcoming Cheer and/or Dance Team Tryouts. If you are trying out for High School, Junior High or College, we can help you get ready.

Check out today’s highlited Class and when you come in to enroll bring CODE:WPRAW with you for a 10% discount when you enroll!

CHEER & POM BOOT CAMP: Tuesday at 6:15pm or Thursday at 5:15pm Try out season is fast approaching and in this competitive world of cheer and dance, you need to be the very best you can be! Coaches at RAW ALLSTARS has 100% success rate! All Boot Camp Students who have trained for 8 weeks or more have made the team of their choice or better!

Get Your Scorpion to BITE HARD!

28 Dec

Irvington High TryoutsIt’s time to get your Scorpion to BITE HARD! Regardless if you are a flyer or a base on a cheer stunt team, having a strong scorpion can make the difference between making the team or getting that big win.

For those who don’t know a scorpion is an extended cheerleading stunt that requires well practiced flexibility (primarly in the back and leg) and ability to remain balanced on one leg.  The stunt can be performed on the ground or in a partner stunt with 1 to 4 bases. A flyer should be able to hold a Scorpion on the ground before trying to perform it in a partner stunt.

SEE ALSO: Flyin’ High, A Toe Touch Guide

Although every gym/coach is a little different, as a coach here is how we have coached members over the years to build a strong scorpion. Please keep in mind, these type of stunts require daily stretching, so you must be fully dedicated before you make the decision to work on your scorpion.

You will need to stretch your back, but since you are probably already into to cheer or getting ready to join a team, we are sure you are already doing some type of back stretch since you need a strong bridge to make most teams). We encourage members in our flexbility class to do traditional yoga poses such as the pigeon and the upward dog.

Next we stretch our legs using a series of band assisted stretches.

After these stretches are complete average (30-40 minutes but if you are limited in time even 10 minutes a day can make a big Best Fremont Flyersdifferance), you can use your band for the scorpion pose stretch. Take your band and secure to your left foot. Sorry guys, if you have been doing this on your right foot, but most coaches are going to want you to base on your right foot and hold your left foot, so start working on basing on your right foot. Truth is, to make yourself a stronger value to your team, practice on both legs to maximize flexibility. Once the band is secure, you can begin pulling your foot into scorpion position. If you need help balancing, find a partner to base you or use a wall to base against until you can balance on your own.

Once you can hold this pose for 10-20 seconds, you are ready to fly doing the scorpion!

Remember cheer tryouts is fast approaching and if you need help preparing we have programs that can help you!


Don’t Let the Competition Get You Down

19 Dec

Companies get funny when they feel like you might be on to something good. They get worried that you are going to steal their clients or gain some level of professional notoriety they have never earned themselves. This can cause people to do crazy things. We have all heard of companies writing bogus reviews and comments on their competitors sites, blogs etc. We have even heard of companies planting trolls to spy on the competitors. Typically we hear of this in large corporations or small towns where there are only two coffee shops working to get the towns people in their doors. But sadly this is a growing problem in the youth sports world.

Coaches blasting other teams on Facebook and Twitter. Parents placing false reviews on other leagues websites in an effort to draw attention to their own leagues. Its sad, we have watched it from a far, but recently we just learned that a competitive AllStar Gym had one of their coaches apply for a job we had in our gym. Their goal, to figure out why we had gained so many new members and how many kids and we had and how we got them.

Bay Area CheerleadingFunny thing is, when the “prospective” coach came in for an interview, we knew something wasn’t right! But, because I am a person who believes in giving everyone the “benefit of the doubt”, we proceeded with the interview. In the meantime the other two Directors and a coach sat in the background watching and talking from a far, they all agreed something wasn’t right with this candidate.


The candidate was nice, but because I was a little unsure of what her angle was, I made sure to give as much vague or outdated information as possible. We spoke about our gym philosophy (but just from a commonsense prospective) and a few other things. She asked us where do we get our music, I said “we make our own” (not mentioning that details of how that really comes together), she asked how many members do we have and how many teams we have. I gave numbers for only the teams the coaching position she was interviewing for would deal with, being sure not to include the other teams. There were other specific questions about our coaching staff that made me concerned that she wasn’t really there for the job.

After all was said and done, the “candidate” left and the other staff members quickly approached me and said “NO, she is not going to be here”. I told them to give her the benefit of the doubt, and some expressed concerned she was with the competition. Sadly, days later, I received an email proving that the “candidate” was in fact sent in by another gym to see “what we were doing over here to grow so fast”. I was not surprised, but a little flattered. I mean, we are a small team gym just trying to create athletes and this well established facility saw us as enough of a threat to their gym that they had to send someone in to see what they could take from our gym.

Truth is, I have no anger and feel like as a gym we should not retaliate as we are not that type of training facility. We had a Directors meeting and decided we continue to move forward. The truth is a member needs to make their choices based on what fits best for them and we will never resort to tactics of “spying” or trying to “take down” another gym to keep our membership high. We are just not that type of organization. We wish the gym that sent the “candidate” over nothing but the best. And if you gained anything from us that will help your gym grow, well YOUR WELCOME!


Zombies and Cheerleaders Coming to Disney Channel

15 Dec

Could it be true, it is a dream! Another Cheer Show! We can’t wait!

Here is the scoop (according to

bay area cheerleaders heading to disney channel?Disney Channel has ordered the music-driven pilot “Zombies and Cheerleaders.” Production on the pilot begins in December in consideration for a Disney Channel series to premiere in 2012.

The story follows Zed Necrodopolis, a typical high school student with one small caveat; he happens to be a zombie. Despite a high-tech wristwatch designed to curb any appetite he may have for his classmates, he and his zombie friends remain unpopular with the school’s most influential group, the pom-pom wielding cheerleaders. Never one to back down from a challenge, Zed sets out to improve zombie student body relations and win the attention of Addison, the cheerleading squad’s newest member.   

“Zombies and Cheerleaders” is executive produced by Eric Weinberg (“Scrubs,” “Death Valley”) and was written by Joseph Raso and David Light who also serve as co-executive producers. Todd Strauss Schulson (“A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas”) will direct the pilot.

Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through original series and movies. Currently available on basic cable in over 99 million U.S. homes and to millions of other viewers on Disney Channels around the world, Disney Channel is part of the Disney/ABC Television Group.

RAW Talents & Allstars will continue to share you upcoming news about the Competitive Cheer and Dance world

Flying High: The Toe Touch Guide

7 Dec

Flying High: The Toe Touch is key to every cheerleader and competitive pom dancer

If you have every wanted to be cheerleader or competitive pom dancer, you MUST have the most basic skill. A Toe Touch!

A toe touch can be done regardless of your size, it requires a strong core, powerful legs, a high level of flexibility, and a well stretched back. Our Fremont Flyers are required to practice in and outside the gym, including all their stretches and core exercises. It takes daily practice to build all the elements needed to perfect the toe touch in every jump. Trust us when we say this, A COACH CAN ALWAYS TELL WHEN YOU ARE NOT PRACTICING EVERYDAY! Understand that when you do not do your daily stretches and core exercises, you are not only cheating yourself from being the best you can be but you are also making a conscious decision let your team down too. Remember Cheer & Competition Dance is a team sport and your decision to work daily affects everyone. So the most important part of learning the toe touch is to make the serious decision to work everyday, not only for you but for your team too!

Get the Visual

Bay Area Cheerleading TrainingThe first step in learning to do a toe touch is knowing what a toe touch should look like in the air. At our Fremont Cheer Gym we first teach new members by having them sit on the ground in a toe touch position. Sitting on your bottom, your legs are spaced like a V and your back is straight with arm position either straight in front of you or in a V above your legs. In our gym, your arm position depends on your team. Our younger teams typically place arms in a V above legs, where our more Elite teams will have arm placement in candlesticks in front of them. Every gym is different, but what’s important is that everyone on your team has the exact same arm position. Our members are typically given a  series of ground exercises to help train their core, build flexibility and understanding of how the toe touch should be executed.

Toe Touch | Arm Position During the Jumps

Its important for each person to understand that he/she should NEVER drop their arms during the toe touch. Whatever arm placement your coach has given you is the arm placement you should have when jumping. If the athlete drops their arms it will cause their chest to roll forward. When the chest roles forward it prevents them from getting a high leg kick due to hip alignment. It is also important to know that raising your arms above should level will make your jumps appear lower and can alter body control during the toe touch.  The athlete should use his/her arms to build momentum for maximum jump height. An agressive arm swing can help load the muscles for the jump. It is important to watch arm placement and avoid rolling your chest forward.

How to Do a Toe Touch | Leg Position

At RAW Allstars we are not just focused on getting high off the ground, we are focused on the WHOLE toe touch, from start to finish, Fremont Cheer and Dance Teamfrom  power up to landing- We want to create the biggest and best Fremont Flyers or better yet, California Flyers! Leg position and technique are essential to enhancing the ability to jump high. Strong legs and core (abs/back) are needed for a high jump, but it takes the entire body working together to reach full potential. Athletes should begin with their feet together to maximize jump height. If the athlete begins with his/her feet at apart, he/she will not be able to properly use momentum to build jump height. With feet close together it will give the hip flexors the ability to fire even longer helping to raise her feet above her arms. Now, lets get jumping! As the athlete swings their arms down there must be a slight bend in the knees. This bend combined with the arm swing will preload the muscles for a higher jump. The next portion of the toe touch is where it all comes together. When the arms are on the way up to the proper arm position the athlete will begin to jump. The athlete must maintain a high chest as he/she kicks their legs up and make sure to keep toes pointed with shoelaces to the ceiling. If the athlete’s shoelaces are pointing at the wall in front of them, they will close their hips off, creating a weak looking toe touch. This angle of hip alignment will force the body to kick lower. Be conscious to keep the shoelaces toward the ceiling to automatically correct hip alignment. Once the athlete reaches maximum height they will need to engage and control their body to the starting position with her feet together and arms at her sides. Be sure to whip your feet together, as you want to land with feet close together, often newer jumpers will land with feet apart or legs bent close to the ground.

Need to Improve Toe Touch

There are many things that can restrict an athlete from having a dynamic toe touch. Flexibility and body strength are the 2 major contributors. If a athlete has tight hamstrings and a tight lower back he/she will physically be unable to kick his/her feet as high as he/she desires. Building core strength, hip flexor strength and flexibility will help the athlete reach their full potential. If a cheerleader does not have enough core strength or hip flexor strength to raise her legs high, then she will never be able to reach her potential.

Remember, like anything, a perfect jump is not going to happen over night or by practicing once or twice a week. Flexibility and strength are built over time, an athlete should work no less than 3 days a week at least 20 minutes a day (we recommend 30-40 on stretching and core exercises), but if you are on a tight schedule, then even 5-10 minutes a day at least 5 days a week will make a HUGE difference with your jump skills. Most importantly, it will show your coaches how serious you are about becoming a better athlete and your team will be impressed with your dedication!

Happy Jumping!


Be a Leader on Your team and in Life!

7 Dec

Here is an amazing article on Leadership. The skills you learn as a leader in cheer will help you be a leader in life, but you must learn the lessons and apply them to your daily life.

How to Be a Leader By: Paige Pauley

Bay Area Cheer

A leader is defined as someone who influences a group of people towards an achievement or a goal.

Pulling the leader out of the equation, well, it only gives us cheer. Leader is the main ingredient of a cheerleader and without it; cheerleaders wouldn’t be who they are today! Cheerleaders are leaders in every way possible! We lead our teams to victory by keeping the crowd excited and enthused while we cheer on the sidelines. We lead spirit weeks, pep rallies and other school activities to keep the school spirit alive within the classroom! Cheerleaders participate in community service and are involved within their community to spread cheer to others. We also lead ourselves and squad to achieve our own team goals in the classroom, on the sideline or during competition season. Here are some great tips for being a great leader:

  • Maintains a positive attitude– By maintaining a positive attitude, others around you will feed off that energy and become just as positive. Goals will be reached and the squad will become more bonded as a team. Positivity is the key to success!
  • Continues to motivate others– Squad members depend on their leader for motivation. Motivation can occur in and out of the practice gym. During competition season, motivation is crucial during those long and tough practices. Leaders can also motivate the squad to be active in their schoolwork. Keeping up your grades is very important for your future! Motivating others to be active in community service shows others how America Needs Cheerleaders!
  • Sets goals for themselves and their squad– When goals are set, there is more drive and determination to reach these goals and be successful. It is a reminder of what the team should be focused on when coming to practice and how they will continue to strive for these goals. Goals can be set throughout the year based on upcoming events or personal achievements.
  • Be a positive role model on and off the mat and/or sideline– Because cheerleaders are leaders in their community, they need to remember they are always being watched. Many younger generations mirror the actions of cheerleaders because they strive to become a cheerleader when they “grow up”! Cheerleaders are representing themselves, their squad and their school as icons to others. Watch what is posted on Facebook and Twitter! Someone is always watching you!
  • Great communication among squad members and coaches– Coaches depend on their leader as the communication line between the squad members and coaches. Communication is essential for a great relationship within the squad. Because coaches are the authority over the squad, by passing ideas or other suggestions to the coach, can build a strong relationship and trust among one another. Coaches also need to know if there are other conflicts or disagreements among squad members so they can regulate problem solving. Communication is VERY important!
  • Gives positive feedback to others- Others build on positive feedback. If someone is doing something right, let them know! It’s a great feeling to know you are helping the squad be successful! With positive feedback, others will continue to work harder and have more determination. Even when critiquing another member, keep it positive. The squad member will feel wanted and important to the squad!

Become part of a winning team visit

Bay Area Youth Cheer Team Takes Home First Place

6 Dec

RAW ALLSTARS Take home 1st Place

RAW Allstars, a Bay Area Allstar Cheer & Dance Program, is BEYOND proud of their youth teams first place finish in their most recent competition.

Not only did they take 1st place, but they received EXCELLENT in nearly all aspects of their performance from the judges.

What an amazing job for a team comprised of nearly 80% new members with no previous dance or cheer experience.

This Fremont based cheer and dance team is heading to Nationals and they couldn’t be more excited. Getting to Nationals isn’t going to be easy, the cost can reach up to $300 per member to travel and stay the 3 days and nights required to participate in this amazing event. The team will work together from now until February 2012 doing fundraisers, working side jobs (mowing lawns, washing cars etcs) to raise all the funds needed so ALL team members can participate in Nationals. “They earned the right together, so we are going to work hard to raise the funds so they can all go to Nationals together”, said Coach Gaborski.

If you are interested in sponsoring this team you can donate online by clicking here, or contact us at cheer @ if you are interested in Corporate Sponsorship. We will gladly wear your brand at Nationals if you help us get there!

Check Out Season Highlights

6 Dec

Check out the highlights from the start of our season

Bay Area Cheer Team Brings Home Gold!

6 Dec
Bay Area’s own RAW ALLSTARScheerleading squad joined several teams on the competition mats at the ALLSTARS Regionals and walked away with a first place finish.

“I can’t even describe how proud I am,” said Coach Gaborski, “We had so many illnesses throughout the season making practices challenging but we overcame it all and took home the win.”

According to Gaborski, the program prides itself on making everyone a stronger athlete, because they stress team work and positive training enforcement while on the mats. “We make sure we are always safe,” said Gaborski of she and team coaches Ruby, Shuan and Michelle. “But like any team, there are always going to be small hiccups, its important that everyone learns from those errors and work as a team to fix them, the team can only be stronger”.

This is RAW Allstars third season, second in Fremont, CA. Coach Gaborski has been involved in the competitive cheer world since 1985 both as a competitive L5 cheerleader and a coach. With this win, RAW Allstars Senior Stunt team are headed to Nationals in Anaheim, CA this coming March 2012. “Our focus is to turn up the heat in our routine and really have an amazing showing at Nationals”, said member Sumi. But Nationals does come at a high price, so members are working hard to raise money to make sure every member makes it to Nationals.

For more information on how you can help RAW Allstars team raise funds for Nationals please visit our fundraising site at

Interested in joining an Allstar Competitive Team please visit