Congratulations to all athletes that made their desired teams!

25 Jun

No matter which program you are in, we applaud your effort and ability and wish you luck in this coming season.

Cheer camps are a great opportunity to try out the sport

25 Jun

It’s summertime now, and there’s lots of time to play and have fun. Cheer camps are especially exciting, with opportunities to tumble, stunt, and build relationships. If you or your child are uncertain whether to commit full-time to a cheer team, camps are the perfect one-time trial to decide whether cheer is really something you want to pursue. No matter your final decision, cheer camp is one unforgettable week of fun and fitness.

For those of you in the Bay Area, our cheer camp is a welcoming and positive experience for all young athletes.


Enroll your kids today in hip hop dance!

24 Jun

Copy of girl pink school band flyer template

Lincoln High School Cheer Tryouts San Jose

27 May


We couldn’t be more proud


Congrats to Maddy for Making the High School Team

17 May

Well, we never doubted for 1 second

Congrats on making your High School Cheer Team. We can’t wait to see you in uniform and on the sidelines!

Go Maddy!

Dance Company – Duet is looking amazing

16 May

We have just begun casting for our Dance Company competition team and the talent is already looking amazing.

Congrats to our duet crew who have only been working together for two weeks and have already put together an impressive competition piece with the help of the Director.

Can’t wait to see this piece hit the competition floor.


***There is still time to join. Don’t miss out, visit to schedule your placement appointment for the 2016-2017 Competition season***

Bay Area Allstars Competitive Cheerleading and Dance

10 May

Want to know what is next for RAW Talents and Elite Allstars.

Did you miss your chance to perform at Super Bowl 50 with us?

Did you miss your chance to perform for the United States President?

Did you miss your chance to represent PIXAR at the movie release party?

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