Get Your Scorpion to BITE HARD!

28 Dec

Irvington High TryoutsIt’s time to get your Scorpion to BITE HARD! Regardless if you are a flyer or a base on a cheer stunt team, having a strong scorpion can make the difference between making the team or getting that big win.

For those who don’t know a scorpion is an extended cheerleading stunt that requires well practiced flexibility (primarly in the back and leg) and ability to remain balanced on one leg.  The stunt can be performed on the ground or in a partner stunt with 1 to 4 bases. A flyer should be able to hold a Scorpion on the ground before trying to perform it in a partner stunt.

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Although every gym/coach is a little different, as a coach here is how we have coached members over the years to build a strong scorpion. Please keep in mind, these type of stunts require daily stretching, so you must be fully dedicated before you make the decision to work on your scorpion.

You will need to stretch your back, but since you are probably already into to cheer or getting ready to join a team, we are sure you are already doing some type of back stretch since you need a strong bridge to make most teams). We encourage members in our flexbility class to do traditional yoga poses such as the pigeon and the upward dog.

Next we stretch our legs using a series of band assisted stretches.

After these stretches are complete average (30-40 minutes but if you are limited in time even 10 minutes a day can make a big Best Fremont Flyersdifferance), you can use your band for the scorpion pose stretch. Take your band and secure to your left foot. Sorry guys, if you have been doing this on your right foot, but most coaches are going to want you to base on your right foot and hold your left foot, so start working on basing on your right foot. Truth is, to make yourself a stronger value to your team, practice on both legs to maximize flexibility. Once the band is secure, you can begin pulling your foot into scorpion position. If you need help balancing, find a partner to base you or use a wall to base against until you can balance on your own.

Once you can hold this pose for 10-20 seconds, you are ready to fly doing the scorpion!

Remember cheer tryouts is fast approaching and if you need help preparing we have programs that can help you!


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