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Bay Area Cheerleading Tryouts aka Placements Enroll Today

16 Aug


We are excited when athletes are able to move up through hard work and dedication. Today we move two of our athletes who was determined to make a higher level team. Coming in nearly everyday to train and hit all their skills, you have shown to be a champion at heart.

But moving up a level leaves a space open on our entry level team. SOOOOOO…That means TRYOUTS will open up once again!

2 SPACES have opened up for our NO EXPERIENCE required team. Contact Director Dre at cheer@rawtalents.org or 510-992-6811. Schedule your placement today!

The team is looking for 1 Strong Base and 1 Flyer.

Bay Area Fremont Stars Cheer Raw Allstars

Come see why our dedicated athletes experience rapid growth. See why our Small Division Program has taking titles against large programs and teams twice our size.

We don’t claim to be perfect, we have our high’s and our low’s. But, we have big high’s (like taking 1st place at Nationals hosted by USA Varsity Jamsport and more) when ALL Athletes are focused, dedicated, hardworking, make practices, stretch daily and focus on being the best they can be on the mats. That is the formula for #success

Don’t Let the Competition Get You Down

19 Dec

Companies get funny when they feel like you might be on to something good. They get worried that you are going to steal their clients or gain some level of professional notoriety they have never earned themselves. This can cause people to do crazy things. We have all heard of companies writing bogus reviews and comments on their competitors sites, blogs etc. We have even heard of companies planting trolls to spy on the competitors. Typically we hear of this in large corporations or small towns where there are only two coffee shops working to get the towns people in their doors. But sadly this is a growing problem in the youth sports world.

Coaches blasting other teams on Facebook and Twitter. Parents placing false reviews on other leagues websites in an effort to draw attention to their own leagues. Its sad, we have watched it from a far, but recently we just learned that a competitive AllStar Gym had one of their coaches apply for a job we had in our gym. Their goal, to figure out why we had gained so many new members and how many kids and we had and how we got them.

Bay Area CheerleadingFunny thing is, when the “prospective” coach came in for an interview, we knew something wasn’t right! But, because I am a person who believes in giving everyone the “benefit of the doubt”, we proceeded with the interview. In the meantime the other two Directors and a coach sat in the background watching and talking from a far, they all agreed something wasn’t right with this candidate.


The candidate was nice, but because I was a little unsure of what her angle was, I made sure to give as much vague or outdated information as possible. We spoke about our gym philosophy (but just from a commonsense prospective) and a few other things. She asked us where do we get our music, I said “we make our own” (not mentioning that details of how that really comes together), she asked how many members do we have and how many teams we have. I gave numbers for only the teams the coaching position she was interviewing for would deal with, being sure not to include the other teams. There were other specific questions about our coaching staff that made me concerned that she wasn’t really there for the job.

After all was said and done, the “candidate” left and the other staff members quickly approached me and said “NO, she is not going to be here”. I told them to give her the benefit of the doubt, and some expressed concerned she was with the competition. Sadly, days later, I received an email proving that the “candidate” was in fact sent in by another gym to see “what we were doing over here to grow so fast”. I was not surprised, but a little flattered. I mean, we are a small team gym just trying to create athletes and this well established facility saw us as enough of a threat to their gym that they had to send someone in to see what they could take from our gym.

Truth is, I have no anger and feel like as a gym we should not retaliate as we are not that type of training facility. We had a Directors meeting and decided we continue to move forward. The truth is a member needs to make their choices based on what fits best for them and we will never resort to tactics of “spying” or trying to “take down” another gym to keep our membership high. We are just not that type of organization. We wish the gym that sent the “candidate” over nothing but the best. And if you gained anything from us that will help your gym grow, well YOUR WELCOME!


Bay Area Cheer Team Brings Home Gold!

6 Dec
Bay Area’s own RAW ALLSTARScheerleading squad joined several teams on the competition mats at the ALLSTARS Regionals and walked away with a first place finish.

“I can’t even describe how proud I am,” said Coach Gaborski, “We had so many illnesses throughout the season making practices challenging but we overcame it all and took home the win.”

According to Gaborski, the program prides itself on making everyone a stronger athlete, because they stress team work and positive training enforcement while on the mats. “We make sure we are always safe,” said Gaborski of she and team coaches Ruby, Shuan and Michelle. “But like any team, there are always going to be small hiccups, its important that everyone learns from those errors and work as a team to fix them, the team can only be stronger”.

This is RAW Allstars third season, second in Fremont, CA. Coach Gaborski has been involved in the competitive cheer world since 1985 both as a competitive L5 cheerleader and a coach. With this win, RAW Allstars Senior Stunt team are headed to Nationals in Anaheim, CA this coming March 2012. “Our focus is to turn up the heat in our routine and really have an amazing showing at Nationals”, said member Sumi. But Nationals does come at a high price, so members are working hard to raise money to make sure every member makes it to Nationals.

For more information on how you can help RAW Allstars team raise funds for Nationals please visit our fundraising site at http://www.gofundme.com/rawallstars1112season

Interested in joining an Allstar Competitive Team please visit http://www.rawtalents.org