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Congrats to Maddy for Making the High School Team

17 May

Well, we never doubted for 1 second

Congrats on making your High School Cheer Team. We can’t wait to see you in uniform and on the sidelines!

Go Maddy!

Dance Company – Duet is looking amazing

16 May

We have just begun casting for our Dance Company competition team and the talent is already looking amazing.

Congrats to our duet crew who have only been working together for two weeks and have already put together an impressive competition piece with the help of the Director.

Can’t wait to see this piece hit the competition floor.


***There is still time to join. Don’t miss out, visit http://www.rawtalentselite.com to schedule your placement appointment for the 2016-2017 Competition season***


Happy 2016 From Bay Area Cheer RAW

1 Jan

Bay Area Cheerleading Tryouts aka Placements Enroll Today

16 Aug


We are excited when athletes are able to move up through hard work and dedication. Today we move two of our athletes who was determined to make a higher level team. Coming in nearly everyday to train and hit all their skills, you have shown to be a champion at heart.

But moving up a level leaves a space open on our entry level team. SOOOOOO…That means TRYOUTS will open up once again!

2 SPACES have opened up for our NO EXPERIENCE required team. Contact Director Dre at cheer@rawtalents.org or 510-992-6811. Schedule your placement today!

The team is looking for 1 Strong Base and 1 Flyer.

Bay Area Fremont Stars Cheer Raw Allstars

Come see why our dedicated athletes experience rapid growth. See why our Small Division Program has taking titles against large programs and teams twice our size.

We don’t claim to be perfect, we have our high’s and our low’s. But, we have big high’s (like taking 1st place at Nationals hosted by USA Varsity Jamsport and more) when ALL Athletes are focused, dedicated, hardworking, make practices, stretch daily and focus on being the best they can be on the mats. That is the formula for #success

Bay Area Cheerleaders Entertain Hundreds of Bay Area Residents

3 Aug

RAW Elite cheerleaders were honored to be invited to perform and host a gaming booth for the Kid’s Center at the Fremont Arts & Wine Festival. Our athletes, from San Jose/Fremont/Union City/Richmond/San Mateo, were honored to be able to perform in front of hundreds of Bay Area Families.

Bay CheerPerformers included an Allstars Showcase demonstrating a variety of skills and drills they perform each week at practiced. Then moved on with a demonstration of basic to advance stunts and pyramids.

The RAW team members hosted a Minute to Win It booth, where bay area kids would stopped by and played a variety of MTWI games such as Movin’ on Up, House Stacker and more.

RAW had over 300 kids stop by and enjoy our many games and yummy prizes. Our athletes had a blast with everyone and can’t wait until our next event.

Great job in class today – Thanks to all our Bay Area athletic stars who rocked today

14 Jul
The house was packed – here are just a few of our first session athletes working the course for Cheerleading Class Session.
Bay Area Cheer
Great Job Everyone! See you at the next session
There is still time to join one of our many programs

Perfection kicks off the RAW Elite Allstars Expo

15 Jun

RAW Elite Allstars, Bay Area’s 2015 National Championship 1st place winners, spent this past weekend performing an Expo for the people of the Greater Bay Area.

Bay Area Cheer Raw allstarsIt was amazing to watch a select group of our athletes showcase to countless Bay Area residents what it takes to be an allstars athlete.

We were honored to be invited to this special expo and even more excited about how many came by after our show to tell us how impressed they were with our athletes. Not only for their performance, but for their positive attitudes when not performing, the kind manner they treated each other and the audience when they were not performing.

It’s amazing to be a part of a hard working group of athletes. Performance #2 completed for this season, but don’t worry you can still join. Contact http://www.rawtalentselite.com

Didn’t make the Cheerleading or Dance Team?

6 Jun

Bay Area Cheer Enroll Now

You made your School Cheer Team – Congrats!

30 May
Congratulations to Katie 
You made the Palo Alto High School Varsity Cheer Team
This competitive team is so lucky to have such a rock star athlete. 
It was amazing training with you and we at RAW Elite Allstars are very proud of you!

Why some people don’t tryout for cheerleading

11 May
Sharing a message from one of our favorite coaches Danielle:*tweak a bit for our bay area location
Top ten reasons why people don’t try out for cheer, in no particular order, and our response to show you, excuses are just that, excuses.
#1) I’m too shy.

Being a #cheerleader is perfect for you then! Being on a TEAM, the focus isn’t on any one individual, but rather, the team as a whole. You will find similarities between you and your teammates, and you will start to come out of your shell. You will develop self confidence and become more assertive in cheer, but also in other areas of your life.

#2) “I’m afraid I’ll look like silly”
At some point or another, everyone has looked silly. Coaches do every single day! (True story!) It is important to remember to laugh at ourselves when we are learning new things or even just make mistakes. A good way to remember the important from the not important. Ask yourself, “in 5 years, will it matter that I looked silly for just 5 seconds of my life?” I don’t think so.
#3) Insecurities over body image
PERFECT! We can work on your skills, while at the same time help you reach your goals in a safe, healthy way TOGETHER! The physical training that goes into being a cheerleader include core muscle training, cardio, flexibility, and consistency in training, plus much more, but all while having FUN!!!
#4) “I’m scared to try something new”
I’m scared to look back 20 years from now and say “I wish I had gone for it!” Live for no regrets. Give it an honest attempt, we don’t bite, and will be with you every step of the way!!!
#5) “I won’t know anyone or have any friends there.”
Feel free to bring a friend or two with you, but if you can’t, don’t worry, we have plenty of friends here. Come meet new people, who in just a short amount of time, turn into family.
#6) “I don’t have any experience.”
And you never will if you don’t try. An important thing to remember, even the best of athletes, at some point, they too had no experience. The difference between them and you? They started….. will you?
#7) “I don’t have the skills needed to make the team.”
At Allstars programs, everyone makes a team. We have had kids show up, who have never tumbled a day in their life, and on the first night get a standing tuck, and 2 days later a round off back handspring full. Come by and we will introduce you to some amazing talent. We’ve had athletes who took a bit longer to achieve their skills. The point is, our professional staff will teach you safe, and proper technique. With time, patience, determination, skills can be learned and mastered by anyone.
#8) “It’s too expensive.”
Actually it’s not. We are the Bay Area’s most affordable cheer and dance program, and we fundraise all season long. Participation and attitude are key in fundraising. One mom raised over $1000 to cover her athletes uniforms and competition fees, just from one fundraiser!. If they can do it, so can you!
#9) “Cheerleaders are mean!”
Rude, snotty and less than stellar sportsmanship attitudes are not tolerated in our program. We truly have the sweetest, most genuine people you could ever wish to cheer with.
#10) “I won’t fit in.”
You were made to stand out! With teammates who become more like family to one another, anyone with a positive attitude, and strong work ethic, belongs here!

So, now that we’ve dispelled all the “I cants” its time for you to say “I CAN!” Come be a part of something great and make those friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. This time next year, you’ll wish you had started today! So what are you waiting for? Call Coach Dre today and get started on your adventure with RAW Elite Allstars! 510-992-6811

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