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Welcome Half Season Teams

31 Jan

Welcome to all our half-season team members. Remember practice times are Sat. 3-5 at the OC location.

Fury, Rebels, Force, Fierce, Fire – please pick up your practice attire the week of Feb. 5th.

Two competitions and one performance with the Disneyland Production crew in LA!

Your going to have a blast over the next 4 months.

Coach Andi will be at the practice attire pick up for anyone who has questions or needs to turn in BC’s for the age verification.

Bye Bye Facebook – well not really

28 Jan

As the lead of the Social Media internship program for HHCF, the corporate umbrella for RAW, I have had the honor of doing an analysis on all HHCF products. After review we found that every product had its own Facebook, at least 2 blogs, tumblr, instagram and the list goes on. Despite opposition I have lead the group into social media reduction.

Over the next few weeks, product pages will be combined, reduced or removed. So, don’t worry if your favorite picture on Scrubbles disappears, we are backing up all images, etc to our base servers. So don’t panic if you go to one of the groups and its gone, we did it to better organize the corporation.

Thank you for your support!


Biggest Cheerleading Regret

21 Jan

At our program Board meeting on Tuesday, a few things happened. One was our Program Sr. adviser told all the Directors *from all programs Chess, Acting, Music, Cheer, Dance, etc* to write a post about regrets. He told everyone in the meeting that its easy for a teacher to tell students what they need to work on, but it’s important that students understand that you are human too and have regrets. Every Director was told to write a post about their regrets.

Over the next few days, we look forward to sharing the regrets of our current Coach and even a few guest coaches. This should be fun!

It’s not easy, it’s worth it

19 Jan

hhcf raw allstars

This is often forgotten in the world of competitive sports. Have faith, know it will all come together in time.

#power #faith #sports

The cardinal rule

13 Jan

As requested by the DIRECTORS we must disclose to you that this is from the Sanctioning Parties Parent Handbook. Please do not take this personal as we share this at least once a year. This is being shared like we do every year.

The Cardinal Rule – It applies to competition’s also, it was sad to hear there were parents “going off” at competitions this weekend. (no it was not our program, but it was still sad to see that any parent or coach would think this kind of behavior is ever appropriate).


DO NOT approach a coach on the cheer floor during practice or some other cheer activity. This is one of the cardinal rules of being a good cheer parent! The coaches need to concentrate on our children and their safety and cannot be worried about an angry cheer parent approaching them during this time.



Don’t look back, your best is on it’s way

13 Jan

It’s the number 1 lie

9 Jan

number one lieIf you play any competition sport, we know you have heard this before