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Lincoln High School Cheer Tryouts San Jose

27 May


We couldn’t be more proud


Congrats to Maddy for Making the High School Team

17 May

Well, we never doubted for 1 second

Congrats on making your High School Cheer Team. We can’t wait to see you in uniform and on the sidelines!

Go Maddy!

Congratulations to RAW Elite Allstars Althetes in the Fremont San Jose Bay Area

25 Oct

CONGRATULATIONS to team Jevan for hitting their toss to extension. This team worked really hard to execute this skill clean and it looks spectacular! Congrats to you all!

RAW Elite Allstars has been training hard working allstars cheerleaders and dancers for nearly 4 and 1/2 years now. The program has coaches with over 25+ collective years of gymnastic, cheerleading and competitive dance experience. For anyone looking for a serious Allstars Program where cheerleaders safely move up typically one to sometimes two levels after a full season of dedication and training, then its time to join RAW Elite Allstars – THE SMALL GYM WITH BIG WINS

2012-2015 Ranked 2nd in the US in Dance/4th in the US in Cheer (Jamsport 2014), National Champions, Overall Grand Champions with brands such as USA Varsity, GSSA, Jamsport, Extreme Sport and more. RAW Elite Allstars athletes performed for President Barack Obama and US Mayors in 2015 and have worked on other projects for things like Pixar Monsters University, Step Up Revolution Project and more. Year round registration, contact Coach Nicole or Andrea for more information

Bay Area Cheerleading Tryouts aka Placements Enroll Today

16 Aug


We are excited when athletes are able to move up through hard work and dedication. Today we move two of our athletes who was determined to make a higher level team. Coming in nearly everyday to train and hit all their skills, you have shown to be a champion at heart.

But moving up a level leaves a space open on our entry level team. SOOOOOO…That means TRYOUTS will open up once again!

2 SPACES have opened up for our NO EXPERIENCE required team. Contact Director Dre at or 510-992-6811. Schedule your placement today!

The team is looking for 1 Strong Base and 1 Flyer.

Bay Area Fremont Stars Cheer Raw Allstars

Come see why our dedicated athletes experience rapid growth. See why our Small Division Program has taking titles against large programs and teams twice our size.

We don’t claim to be perfect, we have our high’s and our low’s. But, we have big high’s (like taking 1st place at Nationals hosted by USA Varsity Jamsport and more) when ALL Athletes are focused, dedicated, hardworking, make practices, stretch daily and focus on being the best they can be on the mats. That is the formula for #success

Congrats you made your High School Cheerleading Team

3 May
Making the 
Wishing you a year of join, fun and skill building!

Bay Area Competitive Cheerleading – Part Time or Full Time Athlete

3 Jan


Cheerleading and Dance Nationals are fast approaching  for most cheer and dance programs. This time of year can be fun and stressful, it brings on a mixed bag of emotions for many athletes and sometimes coaches.
Every year, coaches will meet a variety of athletes. Some are all about first place, some are all about gaining amazing technique while others are just interested in the fan-fair of being in a dance or cheerleading uniform. This is what can make Nationals a challenge. See, only focusing on 1st place or only focusing on technique but not showmanship, etc or even worst no focus other than being cute – these are all bad for the competing team.

An athlete is either fully committed or a part-time athlete. You can’t be both. After years of coaching sports from football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, etc. Our coaches have seen it all, but one thing we all agree on is you can’t be a part-time athlete and expect to perform like a fully committed athlete. It’s not an insult, it’s just the truth.

A fully committed athlete is that athlete who is first to practice, last to leave. That athlete that goes home and does their drills (for whatever sport it is) at least 5 days a week. The fully committed athlete is always looking for ways to grow and improve in their sport. That can mean going outside and pushing their mile time. Maybe they watch video’s of the top athlete in their field and work hard to reach that elite level. A fully committed athlete is the one who is practicing without being told, stretching without anyone watching. The person who wants to improve every week and will push themselves to achieve those goals no matter what challenges comes their way. This is what separates the Olympians from the recreational competitors – first place from last. The fully committed athlete focuses on technique, being top in competition, looking the best on the competition floor, they are looking at every aspect from sportsmanship to athleticism – they understand it’s everything – not just one element that matters on the competition floor.

A part-time athlete is the one who focuses on just a few elements, it’s like a partly committed student (it doesn’t work). Maybe they only focus on technique, maybe it’s just about being first but not putting in the daily work to be what they say they want to be. Sports are no different that school work. If your Calculus teacher goes over formals all week in class. tells you to study those formulas at home because next week you are going to have a test. But you only pay attention in class and do no homework, no studying (this is the same as not stretching or running drills your coach gives you) – what do you think the results will be for more than 90% of these kids who don’t do their homework. Typically the results are a grade of C or lower. In the sports world that translates to taking last or close to last.

It’s common sense – The student (or athlete) that studies (or drills) daily (even a little) will typically get the A. The athlete or team of athletes that trains everyday (even when not in the gym) will normally take home 1st. Those who do anything less, you should expect less. That old saying “You get what you put into it” is so very true.

If your an athlete, just ask yourself “Can I take home the top prize if my opponent works everyday to become the best athlete on the floor and I only train twice a week?”

As coaches we meet all sorts of athletes, but those who make their sport part of their daily life will find Nationals to be a proud moment – win or lose. See, an athlete that trains daily knows when they hit the competition floor they are bring the best “them” to the floor. They know when they are done that put the most amazing performance they could place on the floor. Win or lose, they will walk away with pride. It is the athlete that does NOT put 150% into practices, drills and performance that will walk away with sadness and disappointment. Even if they take 2nd place they will still be sad because they know didn’t put their best on the floor.

When gearing up for Nationals, you have to decide are you a Fully Committed Athlete or a Part-Time Athlete. Once your performance is over will you walk off the floor knowing you do the best you that you could bring.


High School Cheerleading Tryout Training for Northern California

31 Mar

Train to be Your Best

Everyday, our program receives phone calls from prospective cheerleaders/dancers or their parents asking if they have to take tryout training classes. Now most programs would ramble off an immediate yes in an effort to make the sale. But were a little different than that. First we go through a series of questions such as why are you looking for training and has the prospective cheerleader/dancer ever tried out for their team before. These questions are important and help our coaches give a very informed answer to the prospective student or parent.

You have to decide for yourself if you need the training because you don’t want to waste time or money if you already have the key elements needed the average tryout. Think about these things: If your trying out for the cheer team do you have the basic jumps, tumbling, “sharpness” and energy needed to make you stand out in a cheerleading tryout. If you can’t land with flawlessness some of the most basic jumps (toe touch, herky, pike and hurdler) then you should really consider taking a tryout class.

If you are shy and fell silly yelling out loud in front of a group of people by yourself, then you MUST take tryout classes. Tryouts are not the place to start to attempt to overcome your shyness. You need to knock all those “I’m too shy” bugs off you long before you hit the tryout training sessions. Being shy and quiet are the worst things you can be when trying out for any spirit leadership role. It’s almost worst than the snippy mean girl attitude. Trust me, you should never be mean or snippy, but shyness is a none option. As a cheerleading and dance tryout judge, there are plenty of talented kids who do not make the team because they are too shy and embarrassed to be loud or hit the routine.

For dancers, you need to make sure you have the flexibility and understand the basic dance turns. Training for dance tryouts are a little more challenging because if your school has a competitive dance team, they may require technique skills (that take months and sometimes years to perfect) during their tryout sessions. If you don’t have your splits, your going to find dance team tryouts far more difficult than cheerleading tryouts. The flexibility required to be a on dance team takes some time to gain. We are not saying give up your dream for dance team tryouts, but if you don’t have the most basic of flexibility and turns your going to have to train at least 3 times as hard as the next person.

Most importantly, when thinking about trying out for your cheerleading or dance team you need to be realistic. This means, if your school requires you to have a 3.0 to tryout and you have a 2.0 don’t waste your time. It doesn’t matter how great you do, they will not put you on the team unless you meet the minimum academic requirements. If your dance team is a Nationally ranked team that requires you to have quad piro’s and you don’t have the coordination to land one, then quickly get yourself into a dance or tryout specific training class.

Tryout training classes are important and very helpful to most young guys and girls. The right class will teach you the skills as well as the etiquette of tryouts. All tryout our classes should be well rounded and incorporate jumps, strength training, basic dance and cheer techniques, showmanship, tumbling, rallying, stunts and more. It doesn’t mean you will perfect it all, specially if you are taking a 6 week training session, but it will prepare you with the knowledge on how to do it all and terminology will make complete sense to you when you get to tryouts.

Our Bay Area Cheerleading and Dance Tryout class coaches have a 98% success rate for those in our 8 to 12 week program.

We have successfully training young students who have proudly made their teams. Here is a list of just some of the schools our students have made the Cheerleading or Dance Teams.

Beyer High School

Ceres High 

Cupertino High School 

Cypress Middle

Delano High

Downey High

Gunn High School

Hyde Middle

Kennedy High

Los Gatos High

Monta Vista High

Monte Vista High

Mountain High

Newark High

OC High

Saratoga High

Skyline High

Vincent High

Whitter High

*This is just a partial list that does not include colleges, middle schools and elementary schools*