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Why small gym over a big training facility

25 Aug

We recently had the opportunity to be apart of group research where parents of Allstar Cheerleaders were invited to come and speak freely about the pro’s and con’s of the Allstar Cheerleading World. The Marketing research group started out by letting the parents know what there were some Allstar Coaches and Vendors in the group but those particular parties would not be made known publicly. So the meeting kicked off with what were the main reasons why people chose programs: Price, size of program, facility size and location, uniforms, etc. Some of the reason’s were pretty interesting, while some were just expected.

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Then we got on the topic of Big vs Small. Most of the parents who chose the Big programs, really chose them because their kids really wanted to join because of a friend or a performance they saw online. It was an amazingly small number of people who chose a big facility because they truly would help their child be a stronger athlete. Some cared and had not really put much thought into while others just cared more about having a big crowd at competitions. Those who were anti-big program, really stressed how many of the athletes do not reach their full athletic potential in a “reasonable” amount of time, other’s felt like big places cared more about the money and less about their child(ren). Then there were a few personal reason’s thrown out there, but we won’t mention because once the story is told you may figure out who they were speaking about.

Now onto the topic of Small Programs. Those who support small programs mentioned things like: The growth of their child as an athlete was very important to them and small programs gave each child more training and one-on-one attention, some mentioned they like the feeling that everyone mattered, others liked that smaller programs seemed more focus on the kids growing as leaders and athletes. Those who changed from big to small mentioned on the change they see for their kids, the kids seem to work harder and more united. The con’s that some mentioned was they feel like small programs are that loud in the crowd at competitions and kids need a loud crowd to support them. Some were concerned that their kids wouldn’t learn much from a small program and what was most amazing was there was a group of parents who agreed that they preferred the big program because their kids gets to be in the back of the performance and still enjoy a win even though they didn’t know all the skills.

It was an honor to be a part of this group. It is important to see the different reason’s why people chose certain programs. As coaches, we really side on the small or medium programs that focus on the athlete more than the bottom dollar. Bills do need to be paid, but our jobs as coaches is to make sure a child is not at our gym for 4 years only to walk away with bigger level skills. A coach should never ALLOW that and parent should always demand more. If they have 300 athletes, they should just as dedicated to each of those athletes as they would if they had 10 athletes. Also, small programs need to remember that Athletes need to be treated with a high level of support, parents need to rally behind their kids at competitions every program should feel a large power of support no matter how big or small they are.

Nor Cali Bay Area Allstars Cheerleading and Dance Enrolling Now

15 Apr

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Join us for team assessments and placement…then join for a season of fun and championships

Assessment Clinic: April 28th 3:15-6pm

RAW Allstars is a competitive allstar cheerleading and dance program in the greater Bay Area. We have teams for athletes of all levels and welcome ages 4 to college age members.

With the commitment of our members and the dedication of our coaches it is our goal to have a strong program that focuses on personal and team achievements.

Known for our strict NO BULLYING environment, our coaches work hard to make sure that the team members respect each other and embrace each others difference. With just 3 seasons in the Fremont/Newark Bay Area, we are the proud owners of multiple National and International Titles. 

Celebrated by publications such as American Cheerleader publishing for our low cost high results gym, we work hard to keep cost low while still providing a competitive program. The results speak for themselves. Want an example? This year our team won the title of National Champions beating out programs that cost THREE times the amount our members pay. Its not about the money, its about the training. We make competitive cheer and dance as affordable as possible while still creating champions. This is something we are very proud of and will work hard to keep the tradition of a low cost high results program. 

RAW Allstar coaches includes current or former National and International Dance Champions, All American Cheerleaders, USA Gymnastic Affiliates, University Cheerleaders and Dancers. 

The 2013-2014 season RAW is proud to BRING BACK its World’s Qualifying Division of Dance and its ELITE Travel Team. Come be a part of something amazing! http://www.rawtalents.org