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Bay Area Cheerleading Tryouts aka Placements Enroll Today

16 Aug


We are excited when athletes are able to move up through hard work and dedication. Today we move two of our athletes who was determined to make a higher level team. Coming in nearly everyday to train and hit all their skills, you have shown to be a champion at heart.

But moving up a level leaves a space open on our entry level team. SOOOOOO…That means TRYOUTS will open up once again!

2 SPACES have opened up for our NO EXPERIENCE required team. Contact Director Dre at cheer@rawtalents.org or 510-992-6811. Schedule your placement today!

The team is looking for 1 Strong Base and 1 Flyer.

Bay Area Fremont Stars Cheer Raw Allstars

Come see why our dedicated athletes experience rapid growth. See why our Small Division Program has taking titles against large programs and teams twice our size.

We don’t claim to be perfect, we have our high’s and our low’s. But, we have big high’s (like taking 1st place at Nationals hosted by USA Varsity Jamsport and more) when ALL Athletes are focused, dedicated, hardworking, make practices, stretch daily and focus on being the best they can be on the mats. That is the formula for #success

RAW Dauntless Takes Home National Championship Title – Beating large co-ed teams

30 Mar

Dauntless has had its struggles this season. They would go from 2nd to 3rd to 5th to first. They were just all over the place with their scores.


But as time progressed we made a few changes, let a few members go and the results of these changes were amazing!

This 4.2 small gym, small team hit the Nationals stage. They were pitted against teams of 18, 22+ and more. They had to compete against large co-ed teams on the National stage. We knew going in that it would not be easy to take 4th let alone 1st.

What we found was, the changes made our world 150% stronger. We finally had all the right people in all the right places. Despite going against large programs, gyms that have 10,000 sq ft facilities, a couple of tumble traks and countless coaches. RAW Elite Allstars Dauntless team brought home the 1st place win and a National Championship Title.

The feeling was AMAZING! It reminded everyone that it doesn’t matter how big your team is, the size of your training facility is the not determining factor on how great your athletes will be, that its always better to have a small group of hard working athletes than a large group of kids where the weak athletes are pushed to the back and hidden. What matter most is that every athlete wants to be amazing, that everyone wants to shine and perform to their highest level, that everyone who walks in your door wants the same as you – A strong hard working program that is affordable but competitive.

Congratulations to Dauntless. You brought home the jackets. You beat some amazing teams, some amazing athletes and to be a team of 12 with 1 guy to beat out large co-ed teams – WOW. You should be proud.

National Champions!


Welcome Half Season Teams

31 Jan

Welcome to all our half-season team members. Remember practice times are Sat. 3-5 at the OC location.

Fury, Rebels, Force, Fierce, Fire – please pick up your practice attire the week of Feb. 5th.

Two competitions and one performance with the Disneyland Production crew in LA!

Your going to have a blast over the next 4 months.

Coach Andi will be at the practice attire pick up for anyone who has questions or needs to turn in BC’s for the age verification.

Small Gym Big Wins – Bay Area nor. Cali program gearing up for another hard hitting competition

1 Jan

soretoday  To great tomorrow you must work hard today. You may be sore, you may be bruised, you may feel like quitting. But for those who fight through the pain, the frustrations, the highs and the lows. You will be amazing, you be stronger tomorrow because you worked hard today! Go RAW ELITE Allstars


RAW Allstars Training has begun Cheer still has a few slots

1 Jun

First day of training. Doing a pretty good job on the stunt pairings. Excited to see how they do when all of summer training is done

True Level Athlete…What does that mean?

17 Aug

Today was an interesting day. An athlete from another program walked in to find out more about RAW Alllstars. She was a great young lady, with lots of energy and a positive attitude (Something that is KEY in our program). 

After speaking with her, the coaches learned that she had been in Allstars for 10 years. – Just so you know, that is AWESOME, when a coach hears this. In addition she had done a variety of cheerleading teams: school, youth while doing Allstars. 

Our coaches couldn’t wait to see her on the mats. Now, just to let you know, we test every on Foam Based mats. Why? Foam mats tell a coach very quickly how much power an athlete really has. The springs are great, but the foam base mats can teach you a lot about an athlete. 

The coach and the cheerleader venture to the mats to start assessments. First, jumps. WOW this girl could fly. Now for tumbling – this is where WOW went to ouch. After 10 years of Allstars the athlete had not yet learned how to do a back walkover – front walkover, any of the basic level 1 tumbling. Back handsprings were also not a strength. The athlete was unable to demonstrate the basic technique of a Back handspring. Tuck – No, no tuck either. This was concerning as a coach, who could possibly pay all that money for 10 years of Allstars and not have the basic tumbling skills? 

After talking to the Athlete and checking with another program, the coach learned that she was actually originally from a Level 3 team being offered Level 4. Our coach informed the athlete that there was no way that our program could offer anything more than Level 1 while training with Level 2 to land the basic skills needed. I know this was not what she wanted to hear, but the reality was, she needed to know the basics before she could move forward. Our coach felt like anything above Level 2 would be unsafe for her and her team.  

Why are we talking about this? Well, its important for parents to know what they should expect from their program. It doesn’t matter how many trampolines, foam pits or spring boards a gym has if your athlete isn’t learning the most basic skills. The parent in question had no ideal that her athlete should have accomplished more tumbling skills in the last 10 years. 

RAW Allstars focuses on True Level Athlete’s. That means, every athlete will learn every skilled required of them while on Level 1, 2, 3, etc.  If athletes are on level 1, they learn both Level 1 and Level 2 skills in hopes that they can master and move up for the next season. The truth is not all athletes will progress at the same rate. Some will take a few years to move up a level, while others move up each year (or at least it seems that way).  Being a true level athlete also eliminates surprises. You will never walk into another program after being with RAW and not know how to do the skills of the level you were currently on. Every year we get kids from other programs who are unable to land a skill to make their High School or College Team. They come to us to perfect the skills their current program hasn’t taught them. As a coach, its a nice compliment when someone from another program comes to us for help (specially when they are still with their current Allstars program). But, parents, if you are paying $150 plus a month for 10 years and your child still hasn’t mastered the basics. You need to speak up. Don’t let ANY program waste your child’s time or your money. It’s not fair to you, it’s not fair to the child who can’t make her college team because she wasn’t trained properly for it, it’s just not fair. 

Athlete’s and parents, check in your progress. Make sure you are working towards the next level in every aspect of Allstars (tumbling, stunting, dance, showmanship). Stand up for your training. Your time is valuable and you deserve the best your program has to offer. When looking for a program, do not look for the cutest, tiniest outfits or the gym with the most kids, or someone who has 5 fiberglass spring board floors. Go to a program that has athletes who excel, those who have a proven track record for assisting kids in development, not one that has kids on Level 2 for 5 years. Look for a program that will help you grow as an athlete, performer, leader and person.