Questions – Cheer Tryouts Help Please

9 Apr

Our programs receive email questions all the time and we really try our best to respond to each and every one of them. We realized we just some of the same questions over and over again, so we decided to start sharing some of these questions and answers in hopes to help some of you who may have the same questions. 


Cheer tryouts- help please?

Hi, so I’m trying out of cheerleading in a month (high school). Honestly, I know a bit about cheer, and in my opinion, they aren’t very good. Anyways, we have 4 days of practice and on Friday, there’s the actual tryout. What do I wear and what should I expect? Also, what advice do you have for me? Finally, do I need to be able to tumble or do jumps?
RAW Rep Response:
Pay attention to any suggestions the coaches or tryout teachers give you. Wear whatever they say, shows you listen and follow directions. If they give no clue, then wear the colors of the school – cheer shorts (regular soffee shorts), fitted tshirt or tank and a cheer bow (matching your school colors – its easy to make a simple bow with school colors for under $3).

The skills you need will depend on the program, but if you have been watching the cheerleaders at your school this past year, you should have a pretty good ideal of the skill level requirement of the majority of the team. If the whole team has back tucks you will probably need that to make the team. If most of them do not tumble, then you may not need to tumble, but if you have tumbling skills most programs really enjoy having a strong tumbler on their team.

Also, ask the coach or other cheerleaders what this year requirements might be, they may just tell you. Regardless of what they want, you still need sharp skills, amazing facials, good personality, hard working can do attitude and willing to put 150% on the tryout floor. Work on your flexibility everyday, start working on the basic jumps (toe-touches, pikes, etc). We recommend that you do 30 minutes to an hour of stretching a day (splits, quads, calfs, shoulder stretches etc), at least 25 to 50 jumps a day (they do not have to be all at the same time, you can do 5 jumps 5 times a day [before school, lunch time, after school, after homework, before bed]. If you follow this you will find yourself more prepared than you are now for tryouts.

Good luck and let us know how you do!

RAW Allstars

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