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2 Jun

Small Gym, amazing athletes. Come be a part of RAW Allstars

I Didn’t Make the Cheer Dance Team but its ok!

1 Jun

How to Handle Not Making the Cheerleading or Dance Team

didnt make cheer team

You have been preparing all year by taking dance and cheer classes. You attend cheer clinics and spent  the next week or so practicing day and night perfecting the moves. Tryouts day hits, you look your best, you have your biggest and brightest smile possible and you shout those cheers out loud enough for the world to hear. You wait anxiously outside the window with everyone else who tried out. Slowly the coach walks down the hall to post the list. The list goes up and everyone rushes toward the window to search for the name, you look and look again only to find YOUR NOT ON THE LIST.

Not making the team can lead to a list of emotions and its hard for friends and family to know the best way to help you deal with that lost or sad feeling you may have.  First, if your a parent, you need to understand that no matter how you feel about cheerleading or dance team, this tryout was important to your child so you must respond with care and positive comments. Let them know, not making it is not a reflection on them, each tryout is different and some factors weigh more than others. Congratulate your child for having the courage it took to even tryout. So many kids want to tryout but are too scared to do it and your child had enough courage to get out there and do his/her best.  Let them know you understand not to get something you really want in life, but its not the end of the world. Remind them of other plans they had for the school year, encourage them to join a sport they love. Don’t tell your child not to cry, encourage them to show their sadness in a healthy way.

If your the cheerleader or dancer who didn’t make it, then we want to keep a few things in mind. Most tryouts are not just based on your cheering and dancing abilities. Tryouts judges consider a variety of items when judging a competition, some wonder how you would fit in with the returning team members, sometimes your teacher referrals hold a heavier score then your overall performance, in some cases they are thinking about next season’s routine and they are trying to visualize each person doing upcoming routines, and sometimes (and sorry but this is a very sad reality) they just chose teams based on current team members friends/family or kids they just have a preference too.


A couple of things to consider, if you find yourself in this situation. First, if they don’t give you tryout score sheets, ask for some constructive feedback. Usually they will give you tips for the next time you tryout. Second, consider the fact that it may not have been you at all and just something that wasn’t a good fit for them as of right now. If you ever watch the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Show, think about the time the coaches pulled a girl in a room and a performer how much they love the her, how beautiful she is, how amazing she is but they just couldn’t see her on the team. There is nothing you can do about that, if they love you but don’t see you as a great fit, that’s just that. It’s like you meet a really awesome guy but you just can see yourself dating him, no matter how awesome he is the connection just isn’t there. That happens with cheer and dance teams too. Third, remember it is not the end of the world, you can still cheer or dance for a team. Consider joining an Allstar Cheer and Dance program. Our Nor Cali Bay Area Cheerleading loves accepting all members regardless of experience. We have met some amazing cheerleaders and dancers who didn’t make their competitive team, but they join us and they are some of our strongest performers. If you really love cheer and dance, go online and see if you can find a local cheer or dance team you can join. Its a great way to do what you had your heart set on and get the experience you may need in order to tryout for your school next year.

Good luck and always SMILE BIG!


RAW Allstars Training has begun Cheer still has a few slots

1 Jun

First day of training. Doing a pretty good job on the stunt pairings. Excited to see how they do when all of summer training is done

Bay Area Allstars Cali Team Placements

16 May


Questions – Cheer Tryouts Help Please

9 Apr

Our programs receive email questions all the time and we really try our best to respond to each and every one of them. We realized we just some of the same questions over and over again, so we decided to start sharing some of these questions and answers in hopes to help some of you who may have the same questions. 


Cheer tryouts- help please?

Hi, so I’m trying out of cheerleading in a month (high school). Honestly, I know a bit about cheer, and in my opinion, they aren’t very good. Anyways, we have 4 days of practice and on Friday, there’s the actual tryout. What do I wear and what should I expect? Also, what advice do you have for me? Finally, do I need to be able to tumble or do jumps?
RAW Rep Response:
Pay attention to any suggestions the coaches or tryout teachers give you. Wear whatever they say, shows you listen and follow directions. If they give no clue, then wear the colors of the school – cheer shorts (regular soffee shorts), fitted tshirt or tank and a cheer bow (matching your school colors – its easy to make a simple bow with school colors for under $3).

The skills you need will depend on the program, but if you have been watching the cheerleaders at your school this past year, you should have a pretty good ideal of the skill level requirement of the majority of the team. If the whole team has back tucks you will probably need that to make the team. If most of them do not tumble, then you may not need to tumble, but if you have tumbling skills most programs really enjoy having a strong tumbler on their team.

Also, ask the coach or other cheerleaders what this year requirements might be, they may just tell you. Regardless of what they want, you still need sharp skills, amazing facials, good personality, hard working can do attitude and willing to put 150% on the tryout floor. Work on your flexibility everyday, start working on the basic jumps (toe-touches, pikes, etc). We recommend that you do 30 minutes to an hour of stretching a day (splits, quads, calfs, shoulder stretches etc), at least 25 to 50 jumps a day (they do not have to be all at the same time, you can do 5 jumps 5 times a day [before school, lunch time, after school, after homework, before bed]. If you follow this you will find yourself more prepared than you are now for tryouts.

Good luck and let us know how you do!

RAW Allstars

Bay Area Allstar Cheerleading and Dance Team Tryouts

24 Mar

Bay Area Allstar Cheerleading




2014-2015 SEASON


RAW Offers:

Prep Team (half season Teams)


All Levels

(Levels are determined by number of participants, abilities

and ages of those at Placements)


Placement Dates: May 24-25, 2014


Hours: 11am-12pm Ages 3-5

12pm-4pm Ages 5 and up (Yes, all ages)

*groups will be broken down throughout the day*


Location: Seldon & Automall (near Mission Hills)

Address is in Team Handbook


What to Bring: Print out and Complete Team Handbook



We are celebrating our 4th FULL Season and we are excited to have you join us!



11 Mar
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